(This is one of my favourite’s from Hugh McLeod)


This is one of those images that can mean totally different things to different people. The two obvious ones for me are work and family.

In work, it’s easy to spot people and companies that love what they do. Their love is just embedded into everything.

And while I wince at the way that Apple is used as the example of everything that is great in the world, this video of Jony Ive, does a pretty good job at describing what happens when love is embedded into your product. Without love, it simply could not exist.

Much the same way, when you walk into the home of a family that is very together, you can feel the closeness, the little things that reinforce the feeling, the touches that show love embedded all over the home. For that family, it just can’t be any other way.

Where the love is embedded it is always real, and making that happen is an outcome of intense connection.”


[Source: http://www.gapingvoidgallery.com]